Color 2025 summer Key Color: Vitality

8 Jul 2024
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A reddish wine-tinted brown can express both sensuality and luxury. To avoid a dark appearance, it can be matched with light gray, white, or beige and accented with vivid red. For a darker feel, it can be paired with khaki, olive khaki, or other shades of brown.

Reddish orange reveals its intensity when used with contrasting color groups. It can be matched with green, sky blue, or mint, with the tones adjusted to be less intense than the orange. Using gray or white as intermediate colors can moderate the contrast and make the palette appear more vibrant.

The orange color, reminiscent of fruit, can be adjusted to reduce its vividness, making it easier to match. It pairs best with reddish-brown hues, which lend an overall luxurious feel to the color scheme. Using blue or purple tones adds a touch of vibrancy.

Lime yellow can be used to add a refreshing change to basic or dark styles. It can be used in small areas on basic colors like brown and gray, or contrasted with green and blue to make the color stand out more. When paired with brown and pastel orange, it can create a cultural mood that is soft and wearable.

Artificial-looking green is proposed with a lively and vibrant feel, even bringing in a bright neon vibe. While it can be contrasted with red, it is easier to style and more suitable for the SS season when paired with yellow or similar shades of green for a cooler effect.

Khaki green with a natural mood like banana leaves emphasizes green more than khaki, making the color stand out. Its strength lies in its versatility, as it can be worn naturally or artistically depending on the color coordination. When paired with white, beige, or sky blue, it appears basic; when matched with deep blue, it looks sophisticated and artistic. Combining it with similar greens and olive tones can create a casual summer travel vibe.

Vivid blue can simply elevate a style with a heightened sense of sophistication. To enhance the impact of blue, it's best to use matching colors sparingly. Pair it with neutral tones like light khaki, mid-gray, dark gray, or light denim blue.