Insight 2025 summer preTrend_Theme2: Unknown

7 Jul 2024
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A palette imagined as a garden on an alien planet filled with plants difficult to find in reality, where unique colors such as lime, lavender, and pink harmonize to express a fantastical sense of mystery.

A palette that conveys futuristic and exotic imagery through the mystique and innovation of a space that transcends time and space, harmonizing teal, metal silver, and peach to blend elements of the ancient and the future.

Hope for a future based on mysterious and captivating technology is reflected in colors. A color palette that expresses the diversity of light with a vibrant range of pastel colors, using two metallic colors as accent colors to create a futuristic and sporty feel.

Inspired by the future of technological innovation, this palette harmoniously blends vibrant colors from lavender to teal, proposing a fantastical environment that blurs the boundaries between reality and imagination.