Style 24 F/W Denim & Casual Style Forecast: Theme2_Expression_Key Style_01 At the Cabin (2)

6 Feb 2024

Colors such as green, khaki, brown, and grey are effectively used to emphasize a vintage nuance. Rather than their original hues, they are applied in tones that seem aged, faded, or discolored over time. Instead of using colors uniformly, a method that also suits these colors well is to unevenly fade them in spots. 

The vintage nuance is used in a softly restrained manner. Slightly faded and worn prints are subtly added, or simple knit sweaters are decorated with sparkling jewels to create an atmosphere as if they have been artfully reformed. In the case of denim, washing is applied more artistically to upgrade it from looking worn to appearing as an intended design effect. 

Workwear unfolds as a style suitable for light work in the cabin, being lightweight and practical, with flat outer pockets that can double as shirts while also being suitable as outerwear and for pairing with pants. Familiar for too long, denim jackets are given a new twist through damage or by mixing with other materials like knit to inject novelty. Black and grey colors make the denim look different, which is more trendy. 

These denim pants emphasize design more than the previous (1) installment. They are crafted with expanding silhouettes, given a fresh feel through printing, feature wide waists closed in a wrap style, or include ties and pockets at the thigh area, highlighting innovative ideas. It's crucial, however, that while the silhouette or effects are novel, colors and washing are restrained to maintain balance.