Style 24 F/W Denim & Casual Style Forecast: Theme2_Expression_Key Style_01 At the Cabin(1)

5 Feb 2024

A rustic, slightly vintage mood is suggested, as if spending a weekend vacation in a simple cabin. It's advisable to moderate with understated vintage, and to use color to convey the pleasure of relaxation. Cozy and comfortable materials are also actively used. Dark colors like black, brown, and khaki are central, with purple, blue, and mustard adding vitality. Natural denim colors are utilized as matching colors. 

Knitwear ideal for wearing in a cold cabin provides a warm touch with its fluffy, hairy surface texture. Hand-knitted or mixing unconventional materials and yarns adds an irregular feel. A granny cardigan, suitable for versatile layering, is suggested as a key item, with ordinary designs differentiated through the use of checks or argyle colors. 

Checks are blurred or made shimmering by using multiple similar colors, creating a cozier effect than sharp checks. It's more effective to construct them as thick outer shirts that can be worn not only as inner shirts but also as a substitute for outerwear. Denim jackets are also slightly thickened to suggest layering for changeable weather without the need for bulky outerwear. 

Denim is washed enough to give a whitish feel, but the washing emphasizes maintaining a more natural worn look rather than highlighting bleaching or damage. The focus is on washing in a way that the blue color matches with white to appear more beautiful. Comfort is emphasized with a silhouette that is neither too wide nor too skinny, slightly baggy or straight.