Style 24 F/W Denim & Casual Style Forecast: Theme 1 - Modernity - Key Style 01 Bad Girls & Boys (2)

1 Feb 2024

While black is the basic color, vintage nuances are also mixed in. Khaki, olive, and brown are used with a sense of wear, or slightly faded grays and blacks are also utilized. Rather than strong bleaching, it is suggested to have a naturally blurred or spotty appearance. 

Mini skirts in a schoolgirl style are suggested. They range from very short lengths, extending the 'missing bottom' look of Miu Miu, to styles with more length. Wrap skirts or pleated skirts are proposed, and materials or colors with a slightly vintage nuance are also popularly used. 

Denim skirts with lengths reaching below the knee continue to be popular, alongside long denim skirts. Designs range from those resembling pants stitched together, to styles with two waistbands, to vertically or horizontally cut styles, all developed with a retro nuance. 

Inners are suggested in styles that resemble long-worn, cherished items. These include cable knit sweaters that appear to have been worn over time, sweaters with frayed hems, hoodies with irregular fading effects, etc. These styles are comfortable to wear, being free from concerns about stains or wrinkles. Colors are used in a faded manner, making them easy to match with any item.