Style 24 F/W Women's Style Forecast: Theme 2 - Expression - Key Style 03 Comfy Holiday

26 Jan 2024

The mood combines the vacation feel of a resort with the comfort of home. Therefore, it integrates cheerful colors, unusual exposure, glamour, and evening wear styles with daily, easy looks. In terms of color, vivid pinks, sky blue, yellow, green, purple, etc., impart a resort atmosphere, while pastel tones and beige add a touch of comfort. 

These are long dresses that achieve a dressed-up look with just one piece. They accentuate the body line and expose the neck or shoulders to give a resort or evening vibe, but add comfort with knitwear or stretchy fabrics. Like in the case of Chanel, it's good to choose easy dresses that enhance the dressed-up atmosphere with the feel of the material but opt for comfortable silhouettes that slightly cover the body. 

The maritime look's border stripes are neatly developed into knit sweaters, with variations brought in through accessory and bottom matches. Common items like t-shirts or cardigan sets are contrasted with glamorous see-through skirts to create a vacation vibe. It's crucial to keep comfort plus fun as the basic rule. 

Easy-to-wear items include one-piece dresses, but sets are also effective. Instead of just jackets, top sets or cardigan sets are emphasized for a dressed-up yet comfortable lounge wear style. Adding a bit of exposure makes it more trendy. Proposed in easy-to-wear colors like white, cream, and beige, or in less romantic toned-down pinks, or matched with black for easy wear.