Style 24 F/W Women's Style Forecast: Theme 2 - Expression - Key Style 02 Futuristic Lady (1)

25 Jan 2024

With the development of AI and various technologies, the popularity of a futuristic mood is expected to continue. Accordingly, suggestions are made for ways to wear this futuristic mood more realistically and diversely, where femininity and avant-garde can also be good sources. In terms of color, there's restraint, with black as the base color, complemented by silver, white, navy, and dark gray, with small amounts of red, beige, and brown added. 

Futuristic yet easy and simple to wear skirts are suggested. They can be comfortably wrapped around in a wrap style or worn casually like pants with a long length and naturally falling H-line. To intensify a more futuristic mood, one can emphasize the stiff sculptural form like the first cut, but in this case, the volume is reduced and the length is shortened for less discomfort. Tops are finished with the most minimal knit tops, jersey tops, tank tops, and simple sweaters. 

It's a minimalist yet avant-garde dress, incorporating futuristic elements by varying the materials. Sensual mini dresses that boldly expose the neck and shoulders are developed with restrained details for easy styling with other items. For longer lengths, drapery, twists, or unbalanced cuts add variation to the simple dress. The use of unconventional materials for dresses like leather or thick wool adds value to the simplicity. 

The versatility of leather is increasing, with a variety of leathers such as flexible and thin leather expanding the range of item designs. The use of black leather is characterized by maintaining chicness. Details like pleats are added, and the silhouette of leather skirts, previously centered on the H-line, is varied like woven skirts to attract discerning consumers.