Style 24 F/W Women's Style Forecast: Theme 2 - Expression - Key Style 01 Pragmatic Composition (2)

25 Jan 2024

The typical uniform colors of blue, gray, and khaki are primarily applied to cotton, with washing or a used post-treatment making them appear more natural. Red wine and purple are mainly applied to feminine materials like chiffon and satin, serving as elements that introduce variation to the utility mood. Matching khaki with blue, khaki with beige, and similar tones allows for a fresher attempt at playing with proportions. 

Jumpers and jackets are developed with a neutral or slightly masculine feel. Materials like cotton, suede, and leather are used, maintaining a worker's casual outerwear mood, and are matched with feminine items or items with emphasized exposure of contrasting nuances. They are proposed in a slightly larger size, but not too small, with the length adjustable from short to long, considering the target age group. 

Details are a combination of utility, avant-garde, and deconstructive elements. Functional zippers, buttons, and outer pockets derived from uniforms serve as the basis, enhanced with belts, strings, and taping to add a workwear mood to the items. Design is injected by unexpectedly cutting or not fastening certain parts, bulging the hips or adding gathers to widen the sleeves, thus blending elegant and dress-up details to create a complex nuance. 

Materials mix traditional workwear fabrics with completely opposite romantic, sensual ones. Cotton is the base, enhanced with washing or used post-treatment, and heavy cotton is applied in new colors like yellow and purple. Feminine materials like satin and chiffon are matched to create a new ambiance. For example, material mixes such as attaching cotton outer pockets to feminine chiffon are attempted. Leather and suede are treated to look used, allowing for worry-free, casual wear.