Style 24 F/W Women's Style Forecast: Theme 2 - Expression - Key Style 01 Pragmatic Composition (1)

23 Jan 2024

Utility wear that can be comfortably enjoyed in an increasingly green urban environment is suggested. While maintaining the durability, comfort, and pleasantness of casual materials, they are updated in various colors and designs to give an everyday nuance. The typical colors of uniforms, such as blue, gray, and khaki, form the basis, with sensual changes also attempted in wine red, purple, etc. 

If utility wear, bulked up for coverage, is adapted for urban settings, reducing weight and volume can also be an effective approach. Practical items like utility jumpers, worker's work jumpers, trench coats, and casual cotton jumpers are shortened and paired with items that contrast with utility, such as long skirts or formal pants, to play with proportions. 

Shirt dresses and safari dresses are developed with a more sensual or mature nuance. They are utilized as new office wear rather than functional items. Changes are made with satin materials, omitting collars, or matching with color-blocked inners, evolving from basic items to dresses with a higher design quotient.