Style 24 F/W Women's Style Forecast: Theme 1 - Modernity - Key Style 03 Mixed Wardrobe (2)

22 Jan 2024

Basic preppy colors like navy, red, and white are used alongside more vibrant colors like red, mustard, and emerald. Utilizing elements like border stripes can emphasize a casual atmosphere. Basic colors such as black, white, and beige are combined to give a daily nuance. The blue of denim, the beige of chino pants, and the washed beige, khaki, and navy of cotton jumpers allow for a more wearable use of sharp color contrasts. 

Waists are doubled by either wearing two layers of bottoms or using items designed to appear as two. It's a similar approach to the '90s men's hip-hop style of intentionally showing logoed underwear. Casual t-shirts and tops are nonchalantly matched with delicate and feminine skirts, topped with an outer layer. The completed style is distinctive, yet each item can be worn differently for a wearable look. 

Ordinary, daily materials coexist with decorative and dramatic ones. Thick outer cotton, less-washed denim, and jersey for t-shirts are applied to basic items, while leather with gloss and texture variations, as well as various chiffons, frills, and flounces that showcase femininity, are used. 

Cutting and openings are designed to maximize the layering effect, allowing the inner items to be clearly visible. Styles with a double waist are emphasized, creating the illusion of wearing two waistbands even without layering. Color tapes added to openings enhance the contrast effect when an inner layer is worn. Designs using strings from the shoulder to the back, as an extension of the pinafore style, are also diversely proposed.