Style 24 F/W Women's Style Forecast: Theme 1 - Modernity - Key Style 03 Mixed Wardrobe (1)

19 Jan 2024

Basic preppy colors like navy, red, and white are used alongside more vibrant colors like red, mustard, and emerald. For a more subdued style, the area of basic colors is emphasized, while for a more flamboyant look, the area of sensual colors is expanded. While it can be proposed with a used look like Miu Miu, more often than not, instead of washing, vintage, or grunge effects, a cleaner, unaltered color usage is preferred.

It's a style that freely mixes items that seem mismatched. The mix includes basic items like knits, jumpers, preppy jackets, polo tops, and shirts with skirts and dresses that emphasize femininity through frills, ruffles, and gathers. Mixing neat items with flashy ones creates a look that's neither too ordinary nor too girlish, but cool. 

Last year's standalone pinafore dresses are now used for interesting layering, moving away from overly feminine styles to more sculptural and novel forms. Similarly, sensual slip dresses are styled in new ways, either worn with tops pulled down or layered with contrasting items to create a fresh atmosphere. 

Sensual tight skirts are suggested in lengths from mini to knee. Instead of pairing them with sensual tops, it's trendier to match them with neutral or sporty tops. Leather materials and vibrant colors are also applied, adding visual effects with gloss or crocodile patterns.