Style 24 F/W Women's Style Forecast: Theme 1 - Modernity - Key Style 02 Light Couture (2)

18 Jan 2024

Using double layers of material can create an elusive color effect, similar to pastels. It's an unconventional yet effective way to use romantic colors. Layering the same color in different materials can create a fantastic feeling, while using different colors can induce subtle color changes with movement. When applying geometric patterns, it's best to use restrained color contrasts and opt for elegant combinations like black & white or black & beige. 

The popularity of Miu Miu's miniskirt and panty style has led to a trend in 'missing bottom' styles. A versatile adaptation is the see-through long skirt, suitable for all ages. It can be layered over miniskirts or hot pants, or paired with a top worn underneath that doubles as a mini dress, creating a dual illusion of being both short and long. These skirts are often designed in H-line and pleated styles, with a restrained monochrome color palette. 

Feminine and elegant materials are being used diversely. Organza, organdy, tulle, satin, and other silky fabrics are being suggested in various thicknesses and textures, with many styles focusing on maintaining shape without sagging. See-through materials are layered for versatile use, including mesh and thin, semi-transparent knits. Patterns are restrained, emphasizing femininity with basic patterns like monochrome dots. 

Mixing moods in an outfit is more common than sticking to a single mood. Layering is popular, but so is using fabric mixes that give the illusion of layering. Wide and cute flat collars are used for a girlish touch, and buttons are used instead of ribbons or strings for a modern, transformable design. Elegant pleats and wide cuffs, along with other classic details, are neatly incorporated, and accessories like belts are used to add a cool twist to elegance.