Style 24 F/W Women's Style Forecast: Theme 1 - Modernity - Key Style 02 Light Couture (1)

16 Jan 2024

Inspired by the structural and artistic designs of couture, it's reinterpreted to be light and comfortable to wear. The form is stable but made with lightweight materials, and the outfits are composed in a way that allows for dressing up with fewer items. Colors like beige, ivory, white, black offer a basic yet luxurious palette, complemented by light pink, pastel yellow, and green blue as fresh accent options. 

Coats generally become lighter. Choosing one or two sizes larger than your own and adjusting the fit with belts or buttons can create a structural design that's still comfortable to wear. Trench coats, capes, and dress coats look elegant but are not difficult to wear. Utilizing detachable capes allows for even more versatile styling.

 "Wool is a given, but utilizing satin or translucent materials can create ladylike coats, with colors applied in light or pastel tones to emphasize loveliness. Choosing a trapeze silhouette can accentuate a more couture-like sense. A single coat can easily create a dress-up atmosphere, and mixing it with unconventional items can give a cool feel. 

Couture styles, though beautiful, can be uncomfortable as they require constant attention throughout the day. However, by switching materials to knits or jerseys, or choosing more relaxed and lighter silhouettes, it's possible to create a look that's both feminine and comfortable. Adding design elements like ties or buttons that can be adjusted or undone allows for personal styling, as the wearer can adjust the fastening to their taste. This flexibility is a strength, making these styles suitable for gatherings, everyday wear, or even resort holiday looks.