Style 24 F/W Women's Style Forecast: Theme 1 - Modernity - Key Style 01 Personal Tailoring (2)

11 Jan 2024

The theme centers around black, navy, and beige, but to avoid a stuffy look, it's good to create deep cuts, add side slits, or match with see-through inner layers. Continuing from last season, this season also adjusts color and sensuality depending on the number of layers of see-through material used. Even when wearing black see-through, the overlapping of skin color makes it appear different. Subtle changes with salt and pepper or mélange are also effective. 

The coat is suggested as a roomy and warm basic style. Instead of making significant changes, various stylings are attempted with inner layers. The shoulders are broad but not stiff, creating a soft power shoulder look, and the length is relatively long, from knee to above the ankle, for a covering effect. It's matched diversely, such as wearing a similar jacket doubled up, wearing see-through inner layers or knits, while typical outfits like shirts or suits are avoided. 

Wool material is actively used, with a preference for styles that are not stiff. Often, subtle textures are introduced that are noticeable up close. Classic basic wool materials are layered with unconventional fabrics for variation. Instead of woven fabrics, knits are primarily chosen, with delicately woven knits or jerseys used as substitutes for shirts and blouses as inner layers. 

To avoid the monotony of tailoring styles, subtle details are key. Breaking away from the stiffness is crucial, such as matching sheer materials with traditional suiting for a sensual reveal, creating double-layered collars, or boldly cutting the front of shirts for a fresh design. Tailoring that creates the illusion of a double waist is also popular. Lightweight seasonless outerwear coexists with thicker outerwear for colder winters, with designs featuring detachable inner coats, fur collars, and linings that can be added to thinner outer layers.