Style 24 F/W Women's Style Forecast: Theme 1 - Modernity - Key Style 01 Personal Tailoring (1)

11 Jan 2024

This theme involves starting with minimalism and adding personal styling to prevent monotony. It's about using simple items as a base and adding accessories or unconventional items, sometimes omitting essential styling elements to create a unique style. Basic colors like white, gray, navy, black, brown, and beige are primarily used, with the addition of graceful colors or accent colors when variation is needed. 

A simple yet distinctively shaped suit is suggested. Influenced by the broad and angular shoulders of the 1980s, the style continues into 24 S/S, offering lightness and comfort. Details are restrained, with basic colors like black, brown, and beige predominantly applied. Instead of pairing with shirts, it's finished cleanly by matching with simple tops or knits. 

New methods are tried instead of the basic suit-wearing style. Ideas include tucking the jacket in, shortening the pants, or matching with asymmetrical skirts. Instead of matching with the suit's set pants, similar colored different pants are paired, making it look like a suit or separates depending on the view. How the belt is tied can also change the overall styling. 

Boxy jackets are used more as easy-to-wear outerwear than for dressy occasions. They coexist with both dressy and casual items, styled for a cool and chic ambiance due to their oversized nature. They can be styled in various ways: creating a dressed-up vibe with feminine inner wear, paired with short bottoms for a girlish feel, or combined with simple tops or leather pants for a street-style look. Depending on the styling, they can create entirely different atmospheres.