Style 24 F/W Men's Style Forecast: Trend Overview

5 Jan 2024

In 2023, the fashion world showed a high interest in South Korea. Especially Seongsu-dong became more prominent, with events like 'Jacquemus Seongsu' and 'Burberry Seongsu' drawing attention. In October 2023, the 'Burberry Seongsu Rose' pop-up store opened in the mixed cultural space 'XYZ SEOUL' in Seongsu-dong, attracting popularity among the MZ generation.

Major figures in the fashion industry also visited South Korea. Thom Browne, known for redefining menswear, visited Korea with his 20th-anniversary exhibition 'Modern Uniform,' providing an enjoyable topic for fashion enthusiasts. His idea that shorts and skirts can both be menswear offers insights into the recent liberalization of menswear styling.

The formal looks featured at the 2024 S/S overseas fashion weeks were light, soft, and relaxed. They displayed freedom in color combinations, silhouettes, especially in terms of length. The vibe was somewhere between workwear and resort wear, appearing fashionable yet comfortable. Such fashion attitudes are expected to continue into the 24 F/W season.

Observing men in formal looks on fashion streets, it's clear that dressing styles are evolving. They style suits in a free and comfortable manner, not confined to traditional conventions. The looks are light, relaxed, both casual and formal. Matching items vary according to personal preferences, including knits, denim, casual pants, and even skirts, with silhouettes ranging from short to baggy.

Styles that start with basics and incorporate slight modifications offer the advantage of longevity and the appeal of being distinct from existing wardrobe items. Banana Republic launched a collection in collaboration with Peter Do, showcasing a restrained look with a minimalist sense and structural design. The collection presents a clean aesthetic through basic colors like black and white, brown, with cutting and detachable details offering a new alternative to formal wear.