Style 24 F/W Men's Style Forecast: Theme 2 - Expression - Key Style 02 Arty Grunge

4 Jan 2024

Rather than being excessively dirty, the style emphasizes a slightly used look, as if stained or aged. With such effects, items can be worn for a long time without much difference from when they were purchased. Colors are slightly darkened, with deep wine red, dark purple, khaki or olive, and teal, evoking a sense of time-worn hues. 

The style features faded or washed-out grunge dyeing and bleaching, offering a change. Instead of using these effects too strongly, which might make the clothes look overly worn or tough, the focus is on artistic and novel print designs. It's a style well-suited for masculine fashion, from coats to pants and jumper sets, and is comfortable to wear. Materials with a natural nuance are primarily used. 

Checks are primarily applied to fashionable items as an alternative to basics. While typical check shirts give off a scholarly or engineering student vibe, these checks use dark colors and black, with carefully chosen color combinations, making them stylish. Shirt lengths range from basic mid-hip coverage to cropped styles that offer a lively feel, and are tailored for a sleek fit rather than a loose one. 

Sweaters are one of the best items to apply artistic patterns, ranging from geometric to curved and complex abstract designs. To avoid looking too complicated, there's a tendency to unify the overall design with black or near-black dark colors. Gradients or dyed effects, and irregular, fuzzy, hairy materials are used to emphasize a grungy nuance.