Style 24 F/W Men's Style Forecast: Theme 2 - Expression - Key Style 01 Chic Street (2)

3 Jan 2024

Even when using preppy colors, they are applied in darker tones, such as dark wine red, navy, and green, which create a street vibe when used with black. Pairing black with dark print patterns or enhanced saturation colors as matching colors can add variety to a black look.

 Leather outerwear becomes more everyday, leading to more diverse styles. From tough looks to variations of everyday trench coats, silhouettes and lengths can be freely chosen according to consumer preferences. While basic black leather is most common, fashion elements are added through techniques like gradient effects, surface distressing, or adding gloss. Matching leather items with printed shirts or knits to vary color coordination is also a great way to diversify leather outerwear styles. 

Ideas for using leather as an inner or bottom garment are being introduced. As leather becomes thinner and lighter, and suede offers a variety of colors and thicknesses, the range of possible designs increases. Details typically reserved for woven materials, like slight crinkling or wrinkling, are freely incorporated. To make them wearable daily, minimalistic tops and simple shorts with slight design variations are suggested, using basic colors for longevity. 

Jackets like varsity jackets, denim jackets, and zip-up training jumpers are everyday items that are updated with lettering or color blocking. Many styles apply black or dark colors, with colors that pair well with denim pants being a popular choice. These are designed to easily complete a look when worn with simple t-shirts or tank tops, adding design elements that compensate for the simplicity of tops and pants.