Style 24 F/W Men's Style Forecast: Theme 2 - Expression - Key Style 01 Chic Street (1)

3 Jan 2024
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A simple yet free-spirited street style look that's a mix-match of elements. It combines preppy navy, green, red, sky blue with street black, and also uses basic colors like white, beige, and khaki for a daily feel. Restraining the number of colors makes it more chic, while increasing them gives a more youthful and lively vibe. 

Freely layer preppy jackets, shirts, knit vests, and denim pants. The styling is relaxed rather than the neatness of preppy, emphasizing freedom. Ties are used like scarves, and sleeves are rolled up to accentuate the layering. A 90s vibe can be created by exposing the inner layers for a color-blocking effect. Breaking conventional dressing methods, such as layering a shirt under a pique top or matching a shirt with another shirt, is also emphasized. While the items are basic, the styling can be distinctively individual. 

As a variation of the previously examined outfits, this look emphasizes fashionability. It's paired with slightly baggy and elegant formal pants, or accessorized with a dressy scarf, or tank tops in black and white for added flair. Thin and delicate t-shirts or woven tops are also utilized. For knits, lightweight and thin see-through items are chosen to add a sentimental nuance.