Insight 2025 Summer PreTrend_Theme1: Vitality

6 Jul 2024
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A rich color palette representing landscapes filled with the natural beauty of warm sunlight, featuring deep yellows reminiscent of gold, dark grays, and stone colors, creates a luxurious and elegant atmosphere.

A palette full of the vibrancy of spring, where everything comes to life, conveys a sense of positivity and lively energy. Colors like light green, sky blue, and orange pop, creating a unique harmony.

A palette filled with the vitality and energy of nature expresses everything from the greenery of new sprouts to the mood of a mature forest. Khaki and yellow-gold colors evoke a tropical rainforest, stimulating a summer outdoor vibe.

Inspired by the passionate mood of Africa, this palette showcases intense contrasts and a unique yet sophisticated concept. Bold primary colors creatively capture the raw beauty of nature and the diversity derived from various tribal cultures.