Fabric 25-26 F/W Fabric Season Forecast: Color Combinations"

11 Jun 2024
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Tinted pastels and cool brights, along with dark tones that bring rest and comfort, make up a timeless palette.

FUTURE DUST (19-3936) and CREAMSON (18-1657) are expected to continue in the long term.

Pastels mixed with gray tones and soft lilac colors reminiscent of galaxies express romance and nostalgia. 

GALACTIC LILAC and COSMETIC PINK can be used as gender-inclusive colors.

Continual inspiration from the night sky and space brings MIDNIGHT BLUE and FUTURE DUSK to prominence as key colors. 

CELESTIAL YELLOW, when mixed with various colors, creates a mysterious, subtle, and galactic feel.

In contrast to the dopamine brights of last season, this season aims for soft enjoyment, aligning with the calm and frugal trends. 

Vintage yet refreshing RETRO BLUE and CRIMSON are used as premium product colors.

With the theme of abnormal and strange nature, the palette features deep and dark colors. 

MIDNIGHT BLUE and PLUM BERRY convey mystery and intensity, while NEON FLARE and PUNK PURPLE express light, hope, and awe within the darkness.