Fabric 25-26 F/W Fabric Season Forecast: Details & Trims

3 Jun 2024
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• Develop soft and feminine frills and decorations using BCI and GOTS certified cotton and linen, as well as GRS certified polyester and nylon.

• Express bulky and glamorous silhouettes by maximally utilizing trims made with large and small lace.

• Develop fabrics and trims inspired by carved, engraved, embossed, and dyed wood, incorporating the natural shapes and structures of wood.

• Precision-crafted trims such as buttons, buckles, patches, and strings.

• Utilize various stitching techniques and knitting methods to mix fabrics of different textures and create a three-dimensional effect.

• Use three-dimensional trims such as buttons, patches, badges, and strings for functional decorations.

• Express a playful yet sophisticated mood by mixing minimal and neutral tones with popping primary colors.

• Environmentally friendly fabrics and yarns such as FSC wood, cotton, GRS polyester and nylon, and silk continue to be utilized, with popping colors applied as accents in small areas.

• Develop designs utilizing materials with rough and smooth textures reminiscent of ancient gemstones and a blue sheen.

• Related items: jackets, shirts, blouses, dresses, denim, evening wear, accessories.