Fabric 25-26 F/W Fabric Season Forecast : Material & Finish Forecast

23 May 2024
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Inspired by the mysterious colors and captivating appearance of gemstones, we express the texture of crystals and create pastel tones.

The texture is implemented by recycling glass, resin, and plastic.

Utilizing metals and silver with subtle shades in matte finishes to create a soft appearance reminiscent of industrial design products' silhouettes.

Implemented by recycling aluminum, zinc, and steel, avoiding or minimizing electroplating, and using water-based pigments and low-toxicity paints.

Expressing a mysterious and peaceful mood using marbling techniques in calm and soft colors.

Marbling is achieved by irregularly mixing materials such as clay, concrete, and resin, or by using leather and paper.

A theme reminiscent of the unpredictable universe with mysterious, chameleon-like colors.

Created using reclaimed wood, glass, paper, metal, acrylic, and fabrics that highlight irregular glimmers.

Developing complex, structural, and three-dimensional lace designs using digital craftsmanship.

Creating the lace structure with 3D printing and also incorporating materials like ceramic, leather, wood, and bioplastics.