Style 24 F/W Sports & Outdoor Style Forecast: Trend Overview

7 Mar 2024
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The popularity of retro is steady. As it gets chosen by the younger generation, it is consumed anew with a more individualistic nuance added to it. Puma announced the splendid return of its flagship sneaker, 'Speedcat,' with the 'FOREVER. SPEEDCAT.' pop-up store, which was open in Seongsu-dong until January 28, 2024. The Speedcat, launched in 1998, was originally designed as a fireproof shoe for Formula 1 racers. This pop-up was arranged to let visitors experience such archives. The Speedcat, with its innovative silhouette, low sole, and unique Puma Cat embroidery, gained popularity in the 2000s and is once again in the spotlight with the retro style trend. 

The futuristic mood has been receiving attention for several seasons, showing a trend towards integration with AI and digital art. Puma, in collaboration with Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, unveiled a futuristic 75th-anniversary collection. Inspired by the Year of the Dragon in 2024, the collection proposes apparel, accessories, and footwear. It reinterprets Hajime Sorayama's fire-breathing character and applies it to clothing. Jackets feature robot dragon embroidery on the back, or hood sleeves are decorated with dragon motifs. The shoes are designed in metallic silver. 

The expansion of the outdoor market demands new attempts to break free from boredom. Art, effective in upgrading the value and category that shares the free spirit of the street, is also a good source for the outdoors. Canada Goose and Brooklyn-based fashion brand Kidsuper released an outdoor-inspired capsule collection for NBA All-Star 2024. This capsule connects art, culture, and sports through Colm Dillane's bold and dynamic approach to streetwear. The distinctive maximalist art of Kidsuper's creative director, Colm Dillane, merges with Canada Goose's outdoor wear to create new nuances. Unlike traditional outdoor wear, it shows a lively, creative, and innocently playful charm. 

The outdoor industry is increasingly collaborating with art from various fields, playing a crucial role in making it more creative and valuable. Moncler is evolving its Genius platform for co-creation, moving beyond the realm of fashion into art, design, entertainment, music, sports, and culture. In February 2023, during the immersive event "The Art of Genius" at London Fashion Week, Jay Z and Roc Nation presented "The Art of All". Thousands participated vocally through cutting-edge sound pods to create the musical piece "The Art of All". The Moncler x Roc Nation collection designed by JAY-Z, which launched on January 24, 2024, captures the essence that genius exists everywhere. It suggests a combination of iconic shapes with the vibrant colors white, khaki, black, and lively orange. Reversible styles, delicate details like handmade embroidered logos, and crystal embellishments demonstrate the fusion of fashion, music, and storytelling. 

Functional wear often emphasizes functionality with excessive colors or details, but opting for a minimalistic appearance can make it much more compatible with everyday clothing. The North Face and the Japanese brand HYKE launched the Hari Performance Running Capsule Collection in February 2024. Crafted in a color palette of sand beige and dark grey, these tech wear products are designed with nature as the theme. They unfold with an aesthetic of minimalism, consisting of basic and essential items such as tops, pants, shorts, waterproof outerwear, utility vests, and hats.