Style 24 F/W Sports & Outdoor Style Forecast: Theme2_Expression_03 Virtual Sports

6 Mar 2024
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The popularity of AI and the digital world has been highlighting futuristic design trends for several seasons. This trend has also influenced sportswear, proposing futuristic styles. Generally, a monochromatic palette of black, grey, silver, and white is central, complemented by soft colors like pastel pink, peach, and mint, alongside street-sensible colors such as blue and khaki. 

The popularity of lightweight materials continues. Sports wear that is light, thin, and resistant to wrinkles is popular because it is easy to layer or adapt to changeable weather. From waterproof raincoats to translucent sporty tops, and from thin synthetic cargo pants to training jumper sets that do not feel bulky, these items are recommended. Subtle pastel tones along with basic colors like black and white dominate for a subtle color overlap effect. 

Training jumper sets and sweatshirt sets employ restrained colors to convey a futuristic nuance. Black, grey, and metallic silver are applied to create a chic atmosphere. Colorful and elaborate graphics are minimized in favor of simple blocking or minimalistic one-point motifs in similar tones. The use of leather, metallic synthetics, and padding adds a touch of luxury and warmth. 

Camouflage is no longer used in its traditional form but is transformed graphically or upgraded with an artistic touch. Main colors such as black and grey are subdued, and even when khaki is used, it's toned down to convey an urban sensibility. This concept is applied across a variety of items, including padded jumpers, outdoor parkas, training jumper sets, and cargo pants.