Style 24 F/W Sports & Outdoor Style Forecast: Theme2_Expression_02 Culture Game

4 Mar 2024
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A sporty style derived from street looks, showcasing the influence of street fashion that uses sportswear as a mix item in styling. Colors are proposed with freedom, much like drawing from street graffiti walls. The key is to apply mid-tones or slightly darkened colors instead of using vivid colors to give a cultural and sensory nuance. Toned-down yellow-green, various blues and purples, casual browns, and street-style blacks and greys are used together. 

Training jumper sets can be developed with a more street-style sensibility. It's a good idea to draw inspiration from the designs and colors of street brands rather than sports wear brands. Simple methods such as making the fit baggier or slimming it down significantly can tailor to individual style preferences, introducing novelty. Velvet material is proposed in restrained colors for wearability. Sporty zip-up jumpers introduce a gap with existing wardrobe items through lighter materials and accent colors or color effects. 

Sporty jumpers with a street sensibility are matched with training pants or denim to complete a stylish look. Color blocking is used to impart a sporty uniform mood, or outdoor zip-up jumpers are enhanced with unique graphics, character illustrations, glossy colors, or contrasts for added fashion. Instead of the excessively oversized fits preferred by the youth, a properly fitting size is applied to broaden the age range of appeal. 

Graffiti, comics, and illustrations are applied in a more wearable manner. Incorporating white or black to add negative space, or softly expressing illustrations with non-intense color pencils or pencils to soften color contrasts. The use of unexpected illustration mixes, overlaps, or interesting collaborations enhances the collectible value through creative graphics.