Fabric 25 S/S Fabric Trend Forecast: Men's Print & Graphic

29 Feb 2024
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In an innovative and rapidly changing society, a punk style expressing anger and rebellion is emerging. 

Strong personalities and punk-style hearts and faces are used in graphics, targeting Generation Z with the use of memes.

Graphics that give the impression of blurring the boundaries between surrealism, fantasy, and the intersection of virtual and reality are in trend. 

Utilizing pastel hues to create camouflage patterns and airbrush styles, and incorporating unique animal illustrations to provide a fresh feel.

With the advancement of AI, themes inspired by underwater fantasy worlds are becoming popular. 

Utilizing dark-toned floral graphics, as well as liquid, light, and blurred effects to create a mythical ambiance.

 With increasing interest in healthy diets and wellbeing, nutritious foods are appearing in graphics. 

Regional specialties and healthy yet overlooked vegetables like green onions, ginger, and cilantro are utilized as graphic elements.