Style 24 F/W Sports & Outdoor Style Forecast: Theme2_Expression_01 Impressive Nature

29 Feb 2024
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This theme incorporates more fashionable styling, colors, and graphics based on the practical utility wear of outdoor. Based on earth tones like khaki and olive, it matches with vivid and deep colors. Colors such as red, orange, yellow, purple, and blue-green energize the monotonous outdoor palette. Beige, light gray, and black serve to organize the overall color match.

Drawing inspiration from hunting and fishing, utility jackets are crafted. The basis is fisherman jackets or field jackets with a military sensibility, developed with a mature feel by mixing leather or transitional materials. Cropped lengths introduce a new play on proportions. Accents are added by matching colors like wine, camel, and purple. 

If the previous style was clean and organized, this outfit is much more casual and free. Emphasizing a youthful and streetwise nuance, it involves wearing a fleece vest over a padded outer, matching check pants with military outerwear, and styling baggy cargo pants in a trendy way. It captures the comfortable and active essence of outdoor life with storage pockets, materials for warmth, and a relaxed fit for easy movement. 

Artistic sensibility in graphics or vivid colors can inject a joyful atmosphere into outdoor wear. Vivid orange, blue, yellow, purple, and other bold colors are applied, matched with basic colors like navy, khaki, beige, and ivory. As intense as the colors and graphics are, the silhouettes remain simple and basic.